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Main Level​

The main level of Star Fitness contains the cardio equipment and weight machines.  Cardio includes 6 treadmills, 6 ellipticals, 2 DMT, 2 climbers, 1 Stairmaster, and 6 exercise bikes.  The weight machines cover all muscle groups from legs to upper body.  The  cable tower is also located on the main level.   Star Fitness also offers a variety of health supplements and tanning items.  Products carried are from Beverly International, Versa Gripps, Quest Bars, BSN, Muscle Pharm, Australian Gold, Designer Skin, ProTan, and more!  If we do not have it in stock, we can order it for you!


  • Star Fitness consists of 5300 square feet of exercise equipment.  

  • Members have access to free wi-fi while in the fitness center.  

  •  Sanitizer and paper towels are located on each level.

  •  Members have 24 hour access to the fitness equipment and tanning facilities.    

  • Video surveillance throughout facility

  • Panic buttons for after hours that connects directly to 911

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Lower Level

The lower level contains many free weights and Nautilus machines.  Nautilus machines include the shoulder press, lat pulldown, upright bench, and leg press.  The basketball court and TRX are also located on the lower level.  There may be times that the BASKETBALL COURT WILL BE UNAVAILABLE.

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