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Star Fitness has two Wolff System Solar Storm 32C tanning beds and one Super 5000HO hex/standup tanning unit.  All units operate a maximum of 15 minutes.  Tanning is available for members and non-members.  Members have the opportunity to tan 24 hours a day through the key fob system on the hex/standup and one of the tanning beds.  During staff hours, all tanning visits need to be checked in with staff.  After hours, tanning is on a first come/first serve basis.  


PACKAGES for Members
  • 10 visits  $30

  • 25 visits  $60

  • one month unlimited  $25 (one visit per day allowed)

  • 1 visit  $5

  • Members can have unlimited tanning for $10 additional per month for one year memberships.  Tanning cannot be dropped mid-contract


PACKAGES for Non-Members

  • 10 visits  $35

  • 25 visits  $70

  • one month unlimited  $40 (available during staff hours only)

  • 1 visit  $5

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